How To Secure Your WordPress Websites

Websites are being hacked in record numbers, and WordPress sites are a huge target due to their market share.  So what do you do to secure your WordPress websites? The first thing you have to do is to understand how hackers are attacking these sites.  No small feat… A couple of weeks ago, I did…

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The Best Way To Manage A Large Facebook Friends List

Many of us have amassed a large list of Facebook friends over time.  If you are like me, this has created a few problems when you get up to that limit of 5,000 friends that Mr Z has allowed us.  Not anymore!  There is a great tool that makes this a snap. One of the…

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The First Things To Do When You Launch Your New Website

You only get to launch a new website once, but that’s enough if you take the right steps to get it off to a good start. I’ve launched somewhere around 300 new websites in my career, and here are a couple of things that you should do immediately once you go live. The first thing you…

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